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MC-100: AC & DC Variable Speed Motor Drives

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This 32-hour, 4-day training program is designed to provide maintenance electricians with a thorough understanding of AC and DC motor construction, operation and variable speed control. Hands-on lab exercises are used throughout the training program to simulate actual plant conditions. Course hardware will include Variable Frequency AC and DC Motor Drive Workstations, Circuit Test Workstations, Oscilloscopes and Multimeter test equipment. Hands-on labs will explain operation and troubleshooting of diodes, transformers, SCR’s, transistors and other electrical control devices.


  • Electrical Review
  • Electronics Review
  • Motor Fundamentals
  • DC Motors
  • DC Motor Control
  • AC Motors
  • AC Motor Control
  • Introduction to VFD Control
  • IdentifyingPowerFlex7Ø/7ØØDrivecomponents
  • Wiring power to the Drive
  • Wiring I/O to the Drive
  • Configuring Digital and Analog I/O
  • Configuring the Drive for Start-Up
  • Performing PowerFlex 7Ø/7ØØ Drive Pre-Power and Power-On Checks
  • Modifying and Monitoring PowerFlex 7Ø/7ØØ Drive Parameters
  • Configuring Drive Parameters Using the LCD HIM
  • Configuring Drive Parameters Using Drive Explorer Software
  • Connected Components Workbench
  • Uploading and Downloading Drive Data
  • Autotuning the Drive and Entering Motor Nameplate Data
  • Using S.M.A.R.T. Start and Autotuning on a PowerFlex 7Ø/7ØØ Drive
  • Configuring the Drive for the Application
  • Controlling Drive Operation
  • Drive to PLC Communications
  • Installing and Configuring a Communications Adapter
  • Establishing Communications with a PLC Processor
  • Troubleshooting PowerFlex 7Ø/7ØØ DriveSystem Problems
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Drive Problems
  • Troubleshooting Drive System Problems


This course is designed for plant maintenance personnel and other technicians who need to broaden their understanding of fundamentals of AC & DC motor troubleshooting and operation. MC-100 answers the prerequisite requirements of our Drives courses.


A basic understanding of electrical principles of voltage, power, current and resistance.


32 Hours / 4 days




Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Explain basic AC and DC motor operation.
  • Identify motor parts and function.
  • Use a megohmmeter to determine the integrity of a motor.
  • Describe variable speed motor control.
  • Explain main drive units operation and function.
  • Understand basic theory of SCR’s, diodes, transistors, triacs, and other electrical control devices.
  • Troubleshoot circuits using a multimeter.
  • Use prints to isolate drive and motor problems.
  • Read and Set Drive Parameters.

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