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What our clients are saying about us

“Excellent class. I have attended drive classes before and have left with a lot of questions still unanswered. I do not feel this way after this class. The instructor did an excellent job of teaching and answering questions. The labs then re-enforced what we went over in class. If we did encounter problems, the instructor did an excellent job of responding and helping us.”


“Instructor was an excellent teacher. He made the class fun and interesting in all the while teaching you something has made me more comfortable with PLC-5 and more interesting. I would take any class he teaches.”


“The instructor was very informative and was able to not only give real world examples but also used metaphors so we could mentally see what the program was doing when given instructions. Also was shown personal tricks in performing certain actions within a program. That made programming easier.”


“Instructor always does a great job interacting with the students. He was able to display out of our programs and use it as a training aid.”


“Instructor did an excellent job of explaining all questions to the fullest extent and re-enforced important concepts specific to our business needs.”


“Instructor was professional and very helpful. Thanks again! Excellent course. I learned a lot that would help me in my daily job.”

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“Instructor is very knowledgeable in hydraulics and took the time to answer every student’s questions and explain in depth if necessary.”


“Found the course very helpful and the instructor open to class discussion tailored to our facility.”


“Another course well presented by ICG. I will use this information daily in my job duties.”


“The instructor did a great job conveying course information and the hands-on labs were very valuable and helped to demonstrate the course topics.”


“Once again great class and instructor was great teacher. Just wish I had more knowledge of basic logic would help me better understand but still know 100% more than a week ago.”

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“Excellent instructor! Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about course material. Thank you for the valuable training.”


“The materials, presentation & hands-on were very good, I particularly like having the opportunity to do hands-on training as it allows me to bring what’s discussed/learned during the lecture into real life.”