NC-200: Fanuc CNC Advanced Machine Troubleshooting

Course Description

This 36 hour 4.5 day hands-on training program provides the advanced training needed by CNC service technicians to fully understand the workings of a Fanuc controlled CNC machine. The students will use a hands on approach to create ladder logic programs, install and remove scale feedback systems and modify parameter settings. The students will be using a simulator equipped with a Fanuc i-series control. This is a fully functional machine using alpha series drives, motors and scale feedback. In this class the students are divided up into teams. These teams will work together to create errors that are introduced into the simulator. Each team will then debug the other team’s errors. All of our classes can be tailored to the specific issues that you wish to address. This class is available on site or at our location. If done on site, the customer will provide a classroom suitable for training purposes. A 220VAC supply will be needed for the simulator

Topical Outline

  • Establishing servo parameter settings
  • Enabling and disabling of scale feedback system
  • Parameter details
  • Data registers
  • Creating M-Codes, timers and alarms
  • Adding additional I/O to a Fanuc control
  • Using ladder logic and diagnostics
  • Using custom macros for troubleshooting
If you wish to add, remove or concentrate on any of the topics please let us know. We will accommodate any special requests.



This is an advanced course. The students should have prior experience with troubleshooting CNC equipment. An advanced understanding of diagnostic procedures is recommended.



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