CB-100: Industrial Troubleshooting Methodologies and RCA Standards

Course Description

ITM is a 32-hour workshop that explores the principles and application of effective troubleshooting methods. This workshop begins with a review of Safety and upset condition hazards. Participants then explore some of the basic troubleshooting methods used to streamline the problem-solving process including the 7 step troubleshooting methods used and perfected by the Navy Nuclear Technical Training Division. We will explore differential comparison methods and then move into future failure avoidance by examining RCA methods designed to prevent repeat failures.

Topical Outline

Safety Outline
  • Hazards of Electricity
  • Human/Electrical consequences
  • Alternative Energy Isolation
  • Lock-Out-Tag-Out
Basic Troubleshooting Review
  • Logical Elimination
  • Symptom Review
  • Half-splitting
  • Documentation
  • Practical Exercises – Simple circuit troubleshooting
Critical Thinking Theory
  • Fact from Fiction (Everyone says so is still not fact)
  • Context (Machine History and Operator Bias)
  • Assumptions (Well…you know)
  • Alternatives (Address the problem not the symptom)
  • Practical Exercises – (William of Ockham Vs. Sherlock Holmes)
Seven Step Method
  • Gather Information (Symptom Recognition)
  • Understand the Malfunction (Symptom Elaboration)
  • Identify what can be Measured (List Probable Faulty Functions)
  • Identify the Faulty Function (Verify Goes Ins and Goes Outs)
  • Verify the Fault (Can/Will this cause my symptoms)
  • Correct the Fault
  • Document and RCA the Fault (Prevention of failure defeats Rapid Repair Time)
  • Practical Exercises – (Complete a Seven Step Process for Failure)
Root Cause Analysis
  • Ishikawa Diagram (Getting to the Fishbone)
  • 5 Why Analysis (Not 5 Who)
  • Keep Digging (You are NOT done yet)
  • Documentation for Prevention (Institutionalize your Knowledge)
  • Practical Exercises – (Use the company template for a class member’s  example)


No course pre-requisites. The course is suitable for all maintenance personnel and leadership roles.

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