Intellect Controls Group, Inc. was founded in 1983. We are an independent training company and our only business is providing hands-on training programs on factory automation control systems. Since our inception we have delivered more than one million man-hours of training to Fortune 500 companies, allowing them to streamline their manufacturing processes and meet and exceed their productivity objectives.

We deliver training on-site at our customer’s manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Our focus is providing practical, hands-on training programs that allow factory maintenance and engineering personnel to become better troubleshooters thus reducing both downtime and manufacturing costs. On any given week our shipping crews and instructors are crisscrossing the country to deliver turnkey, on-site training solutions to our customers.

Intellect Controls Group provides training to a diverse customer base, including companies involved in the automobile manufacturing, brewing, food processing, consumer products, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, utilities and paper industries.

We chose Louisville, Kentucky as base for our corporate headquarters due to its central location for our Training Center and on-site shipping operations. The Kentucky Training Center allows us to offer a schedule of courses available for individual enrollment when on-site training is not a practical solution for our customers.

Intellect Controls Group has developed a reputation for excellence over the last three decades by offering a proven, high-quality alternative to equipment manufacturers, technical colleges, and smaller training companies. We now offer more than thirty-five hands-on training programs on the most popular industrial control products and related technologies. In addition to our existing course offerings, we have the staff and resources to develop customized training on a variety of industrial control systems.

Our Team



Edward is going on 3 decades in the business and has guided the company from a small start up to an established leader in the field of Automation Training.

His insistence on quality, excellence and experience has helped to keep Intellect Controls Group Inc. on top when it comes to results and customer satisfaction


Instructor/Controls Engineer

Mike cut his teeth in the steel industry after acquiring his electrical training in the US Air Force. Through his experience with Steel Technologies mike learned the ins and out of industrial control.

He has brought that experience to the classroom and has successfully trained thousands over his 17 year career with Intellect Controls Group. Mike is a subject matter expert on Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Modicon, and Siemens controls. He also teaches classes on Industrial Networking, and HMIs.


EE, Instructor/Controls Engineer

Doug is a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering (go big Blue!) and previously worked for American Air Filter and Gallatin Steel. 

Doug’s specialty is Controls and Control Systems. With his extensive industry experience, Doug has been able to communicate to students on their own level and in their own terms to help them learn and achieve their training objectives.

Doug also authors new courses for us as well as updating current training programs.


Instructor/Controls Engineer

Mike started his technical career with an Associate’ Degree in electrical engineering technology, but he got most of his experience by working his way up to Team Leader at Toyota. 

Mike was involved in startups, new launches, changeovers, and the day-to-day tasks of keeping a highly automated, state of the art automobile plant up and running. In this environment Mike was exposed to multiple vendors’ equipment, including Controls, Networks, Motors, and Drives.


Instructor/Controls Engineer

Howard learned Automation from the ground up. As a technician with the Eastman Kodak Company for 18 years, Howard worked his way up to subject matter expert on Allen-Bradley controls. 

Howard then gained valuable teaching experience as an instructor and technical expert for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley.

Howard brings a wealth of experience to Intellect Controls, teaching classes on PLCs, AC Drives, Motion, Industrial Networks and HMIs. Howard also authors courses for us as well as maintains and updates our curriculum.


EE, Instructor/Controls Engineer

Ray received his Engineering Degree from Shawnee State University in Ohio. Ray has worked as an integrator for automation systems with Integrated Technologies Group.

Telesis Technologies and J. Porter Company. Ray moved on to Yaskawa Electric America where he became a training specialist on their PLCs, Drives and Motion applications. Ray brings a combination of both field work and years of classroom experience to Intellect Controls where he has delivered consistently exceptional results.



Nick, like many other Intellect Instructors, acquired his electrical training in the US Navy. After his military service, Nick joined JM Smucker Company as an automation technician for seven years.

Throughout his career, Nick has been involved with personnel training and development. Nicks specialties include Control Fundamentals, PLCs, Motors, and Drives.



Jerry learned his mechanical crafts the hard way, in the US Navy’s nuclear program. During his service, Jerry was responsible for maintaining various mechanical systems aboard several different ships.

 Included in his responsibilities were several complex Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems that were vital for their operations. After his Navy service, Jerry has been an exceptional instructor for Intellect Controls Group for over 20 years. Jerry is an Accredited Fluid Power Instructor (AFPI) and an Authorized Job Performance Test Proctor. Jerry also carries certification for Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician (CFPIHT) and Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician (CFPPT)


PE, Instructor

A graduate engineer from the University of Louisville, with a MBA from Vanderbilt University, Alan carries over 30 years of experience in industrial automation, instrumentation and control systems.

A certified Professional Engineer for more than 25 years, he has provided engineering services in virtually every industrial sector, including chemical, automotive, water & wastewater, food & beverage, power & utility, distilling, mining and others. During his career, Mr. Pike has worked directly for such companies as Seagram’s Distillers and Jim Beam Brands. Alan also served as the Instrument & Electrical group leader for C&I Engineering, a full-service engineering company in Louisville, KY.
For more than a decade, Alan has focused on continuing education, sharing his expertise by conducting technical training. Alan has designed coursework and delivered a wide range of classes, from Electrical Troubleshooting and PLC’s to Boiler Operations and Maintenance Management, among others. His unique specialty is Process Instrumentation & Control, having delivered over a hundred classes on the topic. Over the years, Alan has delivered training to such organizations as IBM, the Ford Motor Co., the Department of Defense, the City of New York, the Federal Reserve, Seagate Technology, Boeing Phantom Works, Miller Brewing Co., Kimberly-Clark, and many others.
Alan is active in professional organizations such as the ISA (International Society of Automation), having served terms as both President and Treasurer of the Louisville, Ky. Section.


Manager of Technology & Operations

Paul joined Intellect Controls Group, Inc in January of 1997


Sales Representative

Michael joined Intellect Controls Group, Inc in January of 2011


Office Manager

Dee joined Intellect Controls Group, Inc in August of 2001
Sue Miele


Administrative Assistant

Sue joined Intellect Controls Group, Inc in May of 2013


Sales Representative

Susan joined Intellect Controls Group, Inc in April of 1998.


Other industry leaders learned why we are the best choice.

Use your Intellect. Intellect Controls responds to our customers by delivering practical training to improve on-the-job productivity.We offer a turn-key on-site training product, including logistics, materials, equipment and all travel arrangements.
All of our instructors are highly-skilled product experts.
Training programs are customized to address your manufacturing applications.
Our one-on-one attention helps your people understand the material fully.
“If you’ve been depending on the manufacturers, smaller training companies or local technical colleges to train your people, we’re offering you a reputable alternative with proven results. We deliver practical, individual training to improve on-the-job productivity.

The on-site training we offer is completely “turn-key.” All we need is a room in which to set up our hands-on training lab. In addition, all our instructors have factory troubleshooting experience and go through extensive continuing education to maintain their expert status. Give us a call at (502) 499-7522 and we’ll explain how we can customize a class just for your employees.”

– Leno Pederson, Chief Instructor

Access our entire course catalog as a printable PDF! 


What type of qualifications do your instructors have?
We only hire instructors that have significant factory maintenance and troubleshooting experience. We believe that this is the critical qualification for someone to become an Intellect Controls Group Instructor. We have a rigorous internal training program that prepares each instructor to communicate effectively with technicians as well as engineers. Our instructors are subject matter experts on any product on which they train.
How do you customize your training programs to meet my requirements?
The first step in this process is to have you review a detailed outline of our course and let us know the critical topic areas for your manufacturing applications. We will produce a customized course outline that addresses your specific needs. Additionally, we can incorporate examples from your control programs and applications into the coverage of the course topics.
How many students do I need to have for an on-site course?
The maximum class sizes for our on-site training programs range from 6-12 students. Many of our customers find that with as few as four students to train, on-site delivery is more economical than sending students off-site for training.
What type of room and what supplies do I need to provide for an on-site training program?
A room with seating and tables for the students is all that is required. We transport our complete training lab to your facility, including hands-on training equipment, computers, controls software, audio-visual equipment and all necessary classroom materials.
What type of payment is required to order an on-site class or to enroll a student at the Louisville Training Center?

We need only a purchase order to confirm enrollment in a training program or to order on-site training services. Our payment terms are Net 30 days from the starting date of any class. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
How do I make hotel arrangements for employees I am sending to the Louisville Training Center?
We will recommend a selection of several hotels that are located very close to our Training Center. Lodging costs are very reasonable, which is one of the reasons we chose Louisville, Kentucky as the location of our headquarters and Training Center. The enrollment confirmation letter will contain maps and directions to our facility.
I am not sure of my employees’ skill levels. Can you assist me in assessing the skills of my employees so I can develop a training plan?

Intellect Controls Group, Inc. can provide basic placement testing to determine on which level your employees begin their training. Intellect is now offering hands-on performance assessments that will provide you with a measurable base line for each employee.
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