A-5200: ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC-500 Programmable Controllers/Level Two Advanced

Course Description

This 32 hour, 4 day training program allows students to gain hand-on experience using the advanced program instructions and communications features of the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 programmable controller. Application projects emphasizing hardware and software troubleshooting techniques are used throughout the course to create a hands-on learning environment.

Topical Outline

  • Review of SLC-500 Hardware
  • Advanced Programming Terminal Techniques: Specialized Edit Keys, Documentation & Utilities
  • Instruction Familiarization: Indirect Addressing, File Fill, File Copy, FIFO/LIFO, Sequencer & Bit Shift
  • Processor Communications
  • Message (MSG) Instruction
  • SLC-500 Network Communications: RS 232 Serial, DH 485, DH Plus & Ethernet
  • Analog I/O: Module Configuration and Scaling
  • Program Interrupt Instructions: Discrete Input Interrupt & Selectable Timed Interrupt
  • Overview Topics (Time Permitting): PID Instruction


Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Enter and interpret programs utilizing the advanced file instructions of the SLC-500
  • Troubleshoot control programs utilizing all available instructions of the SLC-500
  • Troubleshoot hardware, communications and process faults using indicators, message displays and a programming terminal.
  • Properly connect and establish communications over a SLC-500 network.

Program Software

Training is available utilizing Rockwell RSLogix500 software.


Students should have successfully completed Intellect Controls Group course A-5000 or have knowledge equivalent to the course description. THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM.



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