A-6150: RS-5000 ControlLogix Function Block Diagrams, Structured Text & Sequential Function Chart Programming

Course Description

This 4.5 day, 36-hour training program will enable a student to create, enter, and troubleshoot Function Block Diagrams, Structured Text programs, and Sequential Function Charts. Topics covered include the Enhanced PID (PIDE) instruction, structured Text loop Constructs, and Sequential Function Chart layout and Troubleshooting.

Topical Outline

  • Definition of a Function Block
  • FBD Basic Boolean Functions & Basic Boolean Function Exercise
  • FBD Timers and Counter Functions & Timer and Counter Exercise
  • FBD Enhanced PIDE Function & PIDE Simulation Exercise
  • FBD Software Utilities
  • Definition of Structured Text
  • Structured Text Routines in ControlLogix
  • ST If…Then Construct & If…Then Exercise
  • ST Case…Of Construct & Case…Of Exercise
  • ST For…Do Construct & For…Do Exercise
  • ST While…Do Construct & While…Do Exercise
  • ST Repeat…Until Construct & Repeat…Until Exercise
  • ST Software Utilities
  • Definition of a Sequential Function Chart
  • SFC Steps, Actions & Transitions & SFC Step, Action & Transition Exercise
  • SFC Selective Branches
  • SFC Simultaneous Branches & SFC Branch Exercise
  • SFC Features including Stopping, Pausing, Restarting SFC & SFC Stopping, Pausing and Restarting Exercise
  • SFC Troubleshooting,  Forcing & SFC Troubleshooting & Forcing Exercise
  • SFC Software Utilities


Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Enter and Interpret Function Block Diagrams
  • Troubleshoot FBD’s
  • Enter and Interpret Structured Text Programs
  • Interpret Structured Text Constructs
  • Design a simple SFC based on equipment sequence of operation
  • Enter a simple SFC
  • Troubleshoot equipment controlled by an SFC by locating the active step, and active action and then the transition condition preventing the sequence from advancing to the next step

Program Software

Training utilizes Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer, Microsoft Windows.


Students should have successfully completed Intellect Controls Group training program A-6000 or have knowledge equivalent to the course description and be familiar with Windows operating system.



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