EH-100: Low Voltage Electrical Safety/Level One

Course Description

This 8-hour 1-day training program is used by more NFPA 70E committee members. The training will provide the participant with a thorough knowledge of the dangers and recommended safe behaviors for those who work daily around electrical hazards. This course goes beyond the theoretical to give attendees a complete understanding of regulations regarding electrical and arc flash safety and how to apply them in real-world situations. The course also details differences contained in the 2015 NFPA 70E standard from the 2012 version. Our arc flash training is the most complete in the industry without spending hours reading through OSHA and NFPA 70E regulations. We digest the information critical to the electrical worker and safety professional and put it in a concept-based, adult-learner friendly format that makes it easy to understand, remember and apply.

Topical Outline

Governmental Regulations & Standards

  • Personal Safety
  • Safety for your fellow workers
  • Comply with applicable regulations
  • OSHA Regulations and Requirements
  • NFPA 70E Standard

Electrical Hazards & Protection

  • Type of Hazards: Electric Shock, Fire Ignition, Arc Flash, Arc Blast
  • Associated Hazards: Falls, Smoke Inhalation

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Gloves
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Care & Maintenance
  • PPE Levels
  • Standards

Flash Hazard Assessment

  • Identify Hazards
  • Remove or reduce possibility of contact through engineering controls
  • Establish mandatory safe work practices
  • Task Assessments

Safety Related Work Practices

  • Job Briefing
  • De-energize & Isolate
  • Using Tools
  • GFCI
  • Cords & Cables

Workplace Safety

  • Mobile Equipment
  • Working Overhead
  • Flammable Liquids & Gas
  • Shock Assistance
  • Inspections
  • Record-Keeping
  • Audits
  • Special Equipment
  • Boundaries

General Rules

  • Material Storage
  • Lock Out/ Tag Out
  • One Hand Rule
  • General Rules
  • Voltage Detectors
  • Meters
  • Grounding
  • Alerting
  • Barricading
  • Barriers
  • Seven Electrical Safety Habits

Staying Safe

  • Recognizing Hazards
  • Unqualified
  • Task Qualified
  • Qualified
  • Management
  • Classroom vs. On-the-job


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