IC-100: Basic Electrical & Controls Training

Course Description

This 32-hour, 4-day training program is designed to familiarize entry-level electricians, equipment operators and other skilled trades with electrical control fundamentals, electric terminology and basic troubleshooting techniques.

Topical Outline

  • Introduction
  • What is Electricity?
  • Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • Wiring Mechanics
  • Troubleshooting Keys – Kirchhoff’s Law
  • Machine Control & Control Devices
  • Numbering Systems


Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Solve for the missing variable - I E or R - using Ohm’s Law.
  • Use a DMM to measure voltage, current and resistance.
  • Find opens and shorts in the circuit using Kirchhoff’s Law.
  • Wire up and find problems in relay logic. Understand the operation of and repair/replace defective input devices such as: limit switches, proximity sensors, photo eyes & reed switches. Understand the operation of and repair/replace defective output devices such as: timers, motor starters, Contactors & solenoids.
  • Find and use the correct documentation needed to troubleshoot and repair machine breakdowns.
  • Use and understand numbering systems such as converting Binary to Decimal

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