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EDWARD JAY, President
Edward is going on 3 decades in the business and has guided the company from a small start up to an established leader in the field of Automation Training.

His insistence on quality, excellence and experience has helped to keep Intellect Controls Group Inc. on top when it comes to results and customer satisfaction

LENO PEDERSON, EE, Chief Instructor/Controls Engineer
Leno came to Intellect Controls with an engineering degree from South Dakota School of Mines and experience in the Nuclear Power industry with Westinghouse.

From electrical fundamentals to advanced controls applications, Leno has taught it all over the past 30 years including PLCs, PACs, Motor Drives, Motion Control, HMIs, Communication Networks, Advanced Programming Languages and Custom Applications.

Leno has also been involved the development and maintenance of our curriculum. He is also the author of several articles published in industry trade publications including his popular Back to Basics series.

MIKE LUCCHESI, Instructor/Controls Engineer
Mike cut his teeth in the steel industry after acquiring his electrical training in the US Air Force. Through his experience with Steel Technologies mike learned the ins and out of industrial control. He has brought that experience to the classroom and has successfully trained thousands over his 17 year career with Intellect Controls Group. Mike is a subject matter expert on Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Modicon, and Siemens controls. He also teaches classes on Industrial Networking, and HMIs.

DOUG HOOD, EE, Instructor/Controls Engineer
Doug is a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering (go big Blue!) and previously worked for American Air Filter and Gallatin Steel. Doug’s specialty is Controls and Control Systems. With his extensive industry experience, Doug has been able to communicate to students on their own level and in their own terms to help them learn and achieve their training objectives. Doug also authors new courses for us as well as updating current training programs.

MIKE WILSON, Instructor/Controls Engineer
Mike started his technical career with an Associate‚Äôs Degree in electrical engineering technology, but he got most of his experience by working his way up to Team Leader at Toyota. Mike was involved in start ups, new launches, changeovers, and the day to day tasks of keeping a highly automated, state of the art automobile plant up and running. In this environment Mike was exposed to multiple vendors’ equipment, including Controls, Networks, Motors and Drives.

HOWARD LOVELESS, Instructor/Controls Engineer
Howard learned Automation from the ground up. As a technician with the Eastman Kodak Company for 10 years, Howard worked his way up to subject matter expert on Allen-Bradley controls. Howard then gained valuable teaching experience as an instructor and technical expert for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley. Howard brings a wealth of experience to Intellect Controls, teaching classes on PLCs, AC Drives, Industrial Networks and HMIs. Howard also authors courses for us as well as maintains and updates our curriculum.