IC-100: Basic Electrical & Controls Training
IC-101: Troubleshooting Industrial Controls & Ladder Logic
MC-100: AC and DC Variable Speed Motor Drives
A-6000: ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting
A-6100: ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix Programmable Controllers Intermediate Maintenance & Troubleshooting
A-6200: ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix Programmable Controllers Advanced Maintenance & Troubleshooting
A-6300: ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix Programmable Controllers/Level Three -Advanced Communications: DeviceNet, ControlNet & Ethernet
A-6350: ALLEN-BRADLEY ControlLogix 5000 Level Three Advanced Ethernet Communications
A-6110: Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Safety I/O Systems
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